Pain management in a dental emergency

October 3, 2011

Shoreline Dental Care caters to dental emergenciesA knocked-out tooth, a lost dental crown, broken dental braces, extreme pain to teeth, jaw, or facial muscles. These are cases considered as dental emergencies – situations that require urgent attention from your emergency dentist.

Teeth pain can be mild to severe. It is often the cause of a dental problem that, when left untreated, may result in more complications that would require extensive medical intervention. The most common causes of dental pain are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Dental infection
  • Tooth injury
  • Abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Periodontal disease

Dental pain may also be experienced after a tooth extraction but it is more often caused by an inflammation or irritation of the tooth’s nerve root. There are ways to handle pain in a dental emergency to provide some relief, especially if going to the dentist is not a convenient thing to do. Toothaches can almost always be relieved with drops of clove oil, which is readily available. For a loose or partially broken tooth, rinsing the area with warm water will help keep it clean and soothed. For pain that is increasingly bothersome, a dental analgesic can help to manage the sore.

A good dental hygiene that includes such basics as brushing your teeth, flossing, and having regular checkups by your trusted dentist can go along way to prevent a dental emergency. emergency.


A reliable dental care clinic for new patients

September 17, 2011

Looking for the right dental care specialist you can trust in a new place is not an easy task. For one thing it will be very difficult to find a reliable dental care specialist who is capable to provide you with the service you want. It will also be a little difficult to find a dental care clinic who will be willing to accept a new patient in short notice.

Best dental clinics are open to accept new patients and they are well equipped with the latest dental technology to serve their patients better. Most dental clinics try to restrict the number of patients they accept. They are ready to serve any additional patients because they have enough staff and dentists that provide top quality care and personalized services that they always guarantee to provide their patients.

Don’t Put Off Dental Emergencies for Later in Charlotte NC

July 21, 2011

There are just some things that we aren’t in control of. Sometimes, unfortunate events happen that we can’t stop or are not aware of. Cracking, chipping, or damaging our teeth accidentally can be one of them. It is quite bothersome and troubling, which could impede normal eating or chewing habits, and if damage extends to the gums or jawbones, it can be quite painful.

If this is the case, you don’t need to withstand the pain and trouble. Don’t think that the problem will resolve itself. Damage is already there and your teeth will not revert to normal without help. You need a Charlotte, NC dental specialist for that.

Dental emergencies can be very troubling if not treated immediatelyDental emergencies can happen to people of all ages

If you think that you have already passed the stages where dental emergencies can happen to you, think again. Problems with your teeth can occur anytime and anywhere, especially if you are not careful. Biting something hard (more that your teeth can withstand), getting hit by an object straight to your mouth, or even getting punched (hopefully not) are only some examples of how we might damage our teeth.

But with the help of your Charlotte, NC cosmetic dentist, such dental emergencies can be handled and fixed. You won’t have to worry about anything because all you have to do is contact your trusted dentist and schedule for an appointment, as soon as possible. Don’t put off dental emergencies for later, act now and restore your teeth (and smiles) to normal.