Get your Teeth Straightened Now! Get Some Invisalign Clear Braces in West Haven

Are you planning to get braces but you feel that you’re too old (although not that old) to have traditional metal braces for your teeth?

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable when you have braces in your teeth yet you’re already a middle-aged adult. I bet you won’t even go outside your house fearing that you’ll be made fun of at work. This is just normal. You are not a kid anymore but that doesn’t mean that you are not entitled for braces anymore. What you need are braces that will do a great job on your teeth yet will not make you look like a kid.

And these braces are Invisalign clear braces.

Yes, you got that right! Invisalign clear braces are the newest creations in cosmetic dentistry for people who need to fix their teeth yet are uncomfortable wearing metal braces or jackets. The good thing about Invisalign is that they are made up of hard plastic with nickel-titanium wires, which are comfortable to the teeth yet works effectively in aligning them. These fast and easy braces may just be what you are looking for.

Invisalign clear braces are a set of custom teeth aligners that are transparent, invisible, and removable.  People who feel that they are too old to go to work with metal braces on their teeth are great candidates for Invisalign. It is considered a type of adult braces, although they may also be considered as teeth aligners, with no metal wires or brackets. To get your own custom-made Invisalign braces, all you have to do is visit your West Haven CT cosmetic dentist. They will be the one to get your teeth impressions and design the braces, which will be replaced every 2 weeks until the ideal alignment of your teeth is achieved.

What are the benefits of Invisalign clear braces?

Invisalign is transparent and undetectable to the unsuspecting eye. In fact, your friend will continue to talk to you yet won’t know that you are wearing your braces.  In addition, you will not experience any inconveniences such as pain (which may occur at times) or even certain food restrictions. You can eat anything you want without the dreaded routine of tedious flossing that comes with wearing wired braces. This is all because you can remove your Invisalign clear braces when you are eating or brushing which can be a blessing.

For optimized results and less delay in the treatment process Invisalign should be worn for about 20 to 22 hours per day. You can take the aligners out for a special event, up to two hours, but you need to put them back after such events.  It requires a bit of discipline on your part though.  Average treatment length of Invisalign clear aligners is usually a year to two years, approximately the same length of time as regular braces.

The cost may be a bit more than traditional metal braces, which may or may not be covered by dental insurance. If you don’t know and want some help with your financial capabilities, then you can always ask your West Haven CT dentist. They are willing to help you out and assist you with your concerns. All you need to do is ask.

With the help of Invisalign clear braces, you will feel that you are getting more beautiful day by day. Aside from that, after the whole session is over, you will just be surprised that your smile just got so radiant and charming than it was before.


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